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Digital Patient Consents and Questionnaires

Trying to keep track of paper consents, screeners, questionnaires, and other patient forms can be a dauting task.

It doesn’t have to be.

Using our Patient Forms, you can now text and email the patient a secure link to their forms days before their appointment. You can track their completion, and even send reminders or additional forms with just a few clicks.

The Best part is there’s no app to download or username/password setup required.

Schedule a demo today and see how easy it can be to start using Patient Forms.

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No-login Digital Forms

Most digital forms require patients to download an app, or login to a website. They do that to protect the ePHI within the form. However, apps and logins also serve as major barriers to the patient in completing the form.

That’s why we created our proprietary process of sending encrypted links with corresponding access codes. When your patient gets a text or email with their unique link, they can simply click on it, enter their code, and complete the associated forms.

It really is just that simple. Want to try it yourself? Schedule a demo and we’ll text you sample forms like a consent and clinical screener to try out.

No More Scanning

Tired of spending the time and money scanning files into your system that may or may not ever been viewed again?

Using our Patient Forms, you will always have access to view every file your patients submitted. Because your patient typed their info in, this also means you will be able to read their data.

Depending on your EMR/PM, we may even be able to push the complete forms directly into your EMR.


In the era of pandemics, patients are anxious about touching anything in a medical office. This includes pens, clipboards, tablets, and kiosks.

What they are comfortable touching is their own device. Now, with our digital forms, you can send forms directly to your patient’s device; whether its pre-visit or after they’ve arrived onsite. All of our forms are built mobile first, so filling them out on a phone is a breeze.

Send Multiple Forms at Once

Often, your providers will want to send multiple forms at the same time. Sometimes both a parent and child will need to fill out complementary screeners, or maybe there’s multiple consents they need to complete.

Whatever the reason, with our dynamic platform you can select as many forms as you need and send them all at the same time. That means the recipient can access the system once with a single link and passcode, and then fill out however many forms they need to.

Growing List of Screeners

Gathering clinical data from your patient can be time consuming and cumbersome. Funny thing is, your patients feel the same way.

Whether it’s for childhood development or behavioral health – there are a lot of potential screeners you can use out there. Below is our current list of screeners. However, if you don’t see the one you are looking for, let us know and we can work on adding it to the list.

  • M-CHAT-R Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers, Revised
  • M-CHAT-R/F Follow-up form for M-CHAT-R
  • PHQ2 Screen for depression in a “first-step” approach
  • PHQ9 Diagnostic tool for mental health disorders related to mood
  • GAD7 Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • PSC Pediatric Symptom Checklist
  • Edinburgh Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS)
  • SWYC Survey of Well-being of Young Children (SWYC)™
  • PHQ9 Diagnostic tool for mental health disorders related to mood
  • SCARED Screen for Child Anxiety Related Disorders
Custom Consents With Real-Time Updating

Keeping track of the correct version of a consent and ensure universal adoption across all your sites at once can be difficult. Even if you can, after a few months of copying the form leaves you with a grainy and hard to read document.

With our digital consents, there’s no need for printing or copying. You can even change the content of the form often. When you do, the updated text is available immediately across your organization.

More you should know about our platform
Real-time Integration Available

While our patient forms platform can run off a simple patient demographics report, we can also send the forms data through our real-time API. If your EMR has the ability to receive it, we can push your patient’s digital forms data directly into your EMR so that it is available for your providers and admin team to view and utilize natively in the EMR. If that’s not an option, we can also send any form as a document. Regardless of the integration, all forms are recorded in our platform for reporting and lookup.

Screener Reporting

Along with the ability to send screeners, you’ll also have access to the Redde reporting and analytics engine. This allows you to search for a specific patient and their history of responses to screening questions, and track and trend every screener sent through the platform.

You will also be able to drill down into individual screeners and view a patient’s responses, which will be scored for you automatically.

Consent Reporting

Like Screeners, all of the completed consents are available for review and analysis through Redde’s reporting and analytics engine.

You will also be able to view different versions of your consents and any comments your patients have left for you.

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