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From 2024 on, CMS requires hospitals to track their patients’ social needs such as housing and food insecurities. These Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) can have an enormous impact on the health and recovery of patients. And while tracking these aspects of healthcare is a good step in the right direction, there is so much more we can do.

In partnership with The Community Initiative, Wixcorp’s Redde platform can now not only collect and report on patient needs, but can also automatically match a individual patient needs with local community resources that can help.

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Community Resources
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Wixcorp is excited to partner with The Community Initiative (TCI) to provide an ever-growing list of community resources available to help improve the quality of life for patients across the country. TCI leverages real-time interfaces and a dedicated team of analysts to maintain a comprehensive and accurate database of resources for you and your patients to draw from.

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Staying Compliant

Starting in 2024, health systems are required to start screening for health-related social needs. Some of the key social needs that CMS and the Joint Commission are concerned about include:

  • Access to transportation
  • Difficulty paying for prescriptions or medical bills
  • Education and literacy
  • Food insecurity
  • Employment
  • Housing insecurity
  • Utilities
  • Personal safety
SDoH Reporting

To help improve SDoH tracking and trending, a new class of codes was added to the ICD-10 databasein 2015. More recently,CMS released its recommendations on how the industry can leverage this new code set to help better identify needs and outcomes. To see a list of the Z-codes currently available, click here.

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Current State

Most health systems have processes in place to collect information from their patients regarding their health-related social needs and get them to their Social Workers and Case Management departments. Unfortunately, those processes are often manual and time-consuming.

It typically goes something like this...

CMS Z-Codes
Future State

By leveraging Redde’s intuitive texting and digital forms tools, patients can quickly complete their screening questions and be matched to personalized resources. They can then easily have Z-codes auto-assigned for reporting and billing - all from just a few taps on a phone.

CMS Z-Codes

With our SDoH Community Resources module, you can now allow your patients to answer a few short questions at any point along their financial journey. They will then immediately have access to a list of local resources to help meet their needs. Your admin teams will also have direct access to the same information along with advanced reporting and historical data for compliance and billing capture.

Your hospital will also have access to real-time data to show the impact of the efforts you are putting into the community. For example, if you donate a significant amount of resources to a local food bank, you can then track the data over time to see if food insecurity (Z59.41) has been reduced in your patient population.

With Redde, you will be able to streamline your patient access, population health, and discharge processes while tracking outcomes and meeting compliance.

But more importantly, your patients will be better able to access resources faster and easier.

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