Patient Billing
From text-to-pay to automated pay plans – we can help engage your patient
Patient Payments, Faster.

If you’re looking to automate your patient billing processes, increase the capacity of your billing team, or deploy patient facing solutions to help you standout in a crowded market – we can help.

Our patient billing platform creates an entire digital patient-centric ecosystem that utilizes texting, emails, and a simple payment platform to ensure patients have an outstanding experience with your organization.

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Patient Interaction Engine


Quick Pay

Payment Plans

EMR Integration

Family Billing


Reporting & Analytics
5.7% Patient Revenue
32% Manual Check Processing
107% Payment Plans
97% Self-Serviced
171% Patient Transactions
10% via Text-to-pay

As you can see, the Redde Patient Billing solution isn’t just another RCM tool. Our goal was to make patient payments faster, easier, and less expensive. And after designing, building, testing, and refining the solution – we found that we did just that.

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Patient Interaction Engine (PIE)

We fondly refer to our REDDE platform as our Patient Interaction Engine (PIE), because it works like a high-octane engine driving patient payments into your bank account faster. The PIE sits at the intersection of Patient Engagement and Revenue Cycle.

The primary ingredient in this delicious PIE is our Patient Billing solution.

 Let us show you how it works…

Once we plug it in and turn it on, you’ll see patient engagement and revenue go up, and your cost to collect go down. You’ll also find that it helps streamline your business processes and increases efficiency.

  1. Automatic Notification
  2. Real-time Payment Processing
  3. Optional Discounts Factored In
  4. Uses Secure Walleted Payments
  5. EMR Payment Posting
  6. Robust Reporting and Analytics
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Text messaging isn’t just for conversation anymore. Utilizing the latest in messaging automation, our Patient Billing solution not only notifies patients of an outstanding balance, but also allows them to pay it securely right then and there, all via text.

Our client partners are receiving payments in as little as 30 seconds from the time the patient is notified of their balance. Text-to-pay will completely change your patient engagement strategy, and your AR.

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AR Claims
Claims Awaiting Insurance
>90 Days
Claims Past Due
>90 Days
Billing Work Time
Calls to Billing
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Nowadays, patients play a much bigger role in the logistical and financial aspects of their care. Unfortunately, healthcare hasn’t adapted as quickly to help engage patients with this transition…until now. The Redde Patient Billing solution can quickly turn your patients’ financial experience from a discouraging liability to an empowering asset.

If you’re looking for a tool that can streamline your RCM, reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve the overall patient experience; then schedule a demo today.

Patient Financial Experience
Patient Billing is just one step in Journey. The REDDE Portal is dynamic enough to help create a custom digital experience for any organization.
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Quick Pay
  1. No-login Payments
  2. Account-level Lookup
  3. Encounter-level Payment Matching
  4. EMR Payment Posting
  5. Real-time Balance Due
  6. Robust Reporting and Analytics

No username, no password, no problem!

Patients don’t want the hassle of setting up another online account. They want an easy, simple way to pay you when they have a balance. And that’s where Quickpay comes in. Quickpay helps the patient find their current balance and make encounter-based payments in just a few clicks. With seamless integration options, those payments can even post back to your EMR in real-time.

Portal Ecosystem
Patient Billing is just one step in Journey. The REDDE Portal is dynamic enough to help create a custom digital experience for any organization.
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Payment Plans
  1. Custom Payment Plans for Patient Self-servicing
  2. Single or Group Payment Plans
  3. Auto-processing of Schedule Payments
  4. Auto-reprocessing on Failed Payments
  5. Real-time EMR Payment Posting
  6. Robust Reporting and Analytics
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Being able to screen, offer, setup, and manage payment plans is a critical function, but can be time consuming and inefficient.

With Redde, you can automate and simplify the process so your patients can easily setup and manage their own payment plans within your specific parameters. This helps patients have a better experience managing it on their own, and you can get paid faster than ever before.

Security & Compliance
Patient Billing touches on everything from HIPAA and HITECH to TCPA and PCI. That means the security needs to be robust, and the protocols compliant.
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EMR Integration

We can be as real-time as your EMR allows you to be. Every software integration is unique, but know that whatever your current situation, the Redde Platform can dynamically surpass your expectations.

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Let’s face it, integrations can be a real pain, and every EMR does things differently. So whether we’re working with your EMR to build a fully automated real-time interface, or if we are building a custom report to run from your existing systems, we can integrate our tools with what you already have.

We’ve also partnered with one of the nation’s largest integration engine providers to ensure a robust and stable integration. With thousands of integrations across dozens of EMRs, we have the right tools available for your unique needs.

Family Billing
  1. Software-Assisted Family Matching
  2. Dynamic Family Account Linking
    Supports blended family accounts, foster child, etc.
  3. Customizable Auto-unlinking as Children Age
  4. Single Login to Manage Entire Family
  5. Family Account Payment Plans
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It’s almost never as simple as one patient paying one bill. Family billing dynamics can be very complicated, and it is often up to one person to try and manage everything for their family.

Our Patient Billing solution makes it easy for your patients (and your billing team) to easily manage that complexity with software-assisted account matching and flexible linking options.

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Automated Notifications
  1. Appointment Reminders
  2. New Bill Notifications
  3. Scheduled Payment Reminders
  4. Past Due Notifications
  5. Collection Notifications
  6. Account Maintenance Notifications
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From the time a patient first schedules an appointment with you to when you are paid in full is comprised of dozens of processes and patient touchpoints. Keeping the patient engaged throughout that journey can be daunting.

Our Patient Billing solution monitors the patient’s progression through their whole experience with you, and can automatically send them texts or emails with updates. Whether you want to remind them of their appointment or process a payment via text, our automated notifications make it easy to keep your patients engaged.

Reporting & Analytics
  1. Live in-platform Analytics Engine
  2. Claim-level Reporting
  3. Robust System Reports
  4. Claims Worklist (Insurance and Patient)
  5. Custom Reports
  6. Payment Dashboards
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Normally, if you want in-depth analytics and reporting, you need a separate system that runs on batched historic data. Using data from a day or two ago is easier, but not as useful to you and your team.

That’s why we built real-time analytics and reporting into our Patient Billing solution. It enables you to see where every penny in your AR is at and how much patients are paying, all in real-time.

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