Speaker Series
Inspiring words that drive change.
“Patient Experience is the new differentiator in healthcare.”
Eric Wixom, CEO

We're passionate about making the healthcare experience better, and we love to share that passion! Whether you’re planning a fireside chat for a small group to debate nuances, or presenting in a conference center about the core issues; we can help.

Eric Wixom
CEO and Co-founder of Wixcorp

Eric weaves history, analytics, experiential frameworks, and systemic thinking principles together into an engaging and action-oriented presentation.

nationally sought-after speaker, Eric draws from his personal, professional, and academic experiences to help attendees embrace the goal of improving patient engagement and interaction.

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Jeff Wixom
CXO and Co-founder of Wixcorp

Jeff helps companies understand how their consumers want to engage with them. He teaches how to make that consumer engagement intuitive and easy – especially in a digital environment.

Jeff comes from a 20-year career working with some of the largest and most innovative global brands. He has an in-depth understanding of customer experience concepts, trends, and practices that help bridge the gap between current-state healthcare and high-bar expectations of today's consumers.

He provides a fun and insightful session that will keep your attendees entertained and inspired.

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