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Secure, two-way texting with your patients in real-time.
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Secure Messaging from the Cloud.

Tired of leaving voice mail messages with patients that they ignore, or at best, never respond to?

Well, your patients are tired of those too.

Today’s consumer communicates primarily via text messaging. And now, so can you. Wixcorp’s texting platform allows you to have secure, real-time, two-way text conversations with your patients.

With quick setup options available, we can empower your teams with compliant texting messaging quickly and easily.

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Finally, Patient Texting That Makes Sense

Looking for an online texting solution that is built for healthcare, simple to use, and won’t break the budget?

That’s where we come in.

  • Cloud-based
  • No character of volume limits
  • Inbound and Outbound messages
  • Automated Messages
  • …and so much more!
Two-Way Texting

Healthcare seems to be one of the last industries to embrace texting, even though 95% of texts from businesses are read within 3 minutes of being sent. (Forbes)

Our cloud-based texting platform allows your entire organization to send and receive text messages.

With no character limits and unlimited volume, you will finally be able to connect with your patients faster than ever before.

Automated Notifications

In today’s fast-paced economy, patients often miss things like appointments and payments because they are just too busy.

Now, you can send them text reminders automatically. The messages are completely customizable, and include the patient’s information pre-populated (such as their name and appointment info).

You can also send messages directing them to surveys, payment reminders, or invitations to set up a payment plan.

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Bulk Messaging

There are times when you need to communicate to your entire patient population, or even to all your employees. Maybe its special holiday hours, marketing a new service or provider, or even an emergency broadcast.

Regardless of the message, our bulk messaging feature allows you to quickly send, or schedule to send, messages to a broad group of individuals.

No matter how large your audience, you can still customize the message to send with the recipient’s name and information included in the message.

Custom Templates

Your team often has to send identical messages over and over again. With our tools, you can use templates to streamline the process and improve productivity.

Speed up your billing process by using custom collection templates, and pre-populate any template with things like the recipient’s name, clinic info, and much more.

You can even help your front office manage their schedule better by sending schedule updates to fill no-shows.

Worklists and Reporting

Our Scheduling Request tool comes with Redde reporting and analytics built-in. Your teams will be able to manage all requests and view extensive reporting options to help manage and improve the scheduling process.

Reporting and Analytics

Our texting solution comes with a robust reporting and analytics engine to provide insights into your communications. You will be able to view every message sent through the system, even if it wasn’t to a patient.

This real-time reporting engine will let you sort and filter on the fly, or even export the entire database into excel for more complex reporting. You can also manage scheduled messages and bulk messaging, all through the same engine.

Responsive Messaging

Looking to supercharge your patient communications?

When you bundle texting with our Patient Billing solution, you can activate our proprietary machine learning and AI tools.

Once activated, your patients can create their own online accounts, link patients from your EMR to their account, and even make payments! All by texting back-and-forth with our automated responsive messaging service.

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Security and Compliance

All of the messaging processed through our texting solution happens within the Redde ecosystem. That means you get to enjoy the full suite of Redde’s security and compliance protocols.

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Texting for Collections

With all the concerns around surprise billing and overly-aggressive collections practices, state governments are starting to issue new rules around required notices being sent as a part of the aging accounts collection process. Some of the more tech-savvy states are incorporating SMS texting into their new rules.

As an example, Utah recently passed one such law that went into effect the summer of 2017 (Utah’s H.B. 128).

If you are operating in the State of Utah and would like to know more about how to take advantage of this new rule, click on the link below.

Tell me more about Utah’s recent Collections Rule (H.B. 128)

If you would like to read the actual legislation, you can view it here (our lawyers say you should, and that you shouldn’t take anything you read here as legal advice).

Right, with that aside, here’s the important part of the legislation:

“A health care provider may not make any report to a credit bureau or use the services of a collection agency unless the health care provider …sends a notice…to the [patient] by certified mail with return receipt requested, priority mail, or text message.”

The legislation also gives parameters around what the message needs to contain:

  • The amount that the patient owes
  • The date by which the patient must pay the amount owed that is: (A) at least 45 days after the day on which the health care provider sends the notice; or (B) if the patient is a Medicare beneficiary or retiree 65 years of age or older, at least 60 days after the day on which the health care provider sends the notice.
  • That if the patient fails to timely pay the amount owed, the health care provider may make a report to a credit bureau or use the services of a collection agency
  • That each action described…may negatively impact the patient’s credit score

What all this legalese means, is that unless you want to pay $5 on certified mail for every collections notice you want to send out, you should take advantage of the texting clause. The Utah Hospital Association lobbied hard to get it in there for you, so you should take advantage of it.

If your state has passed similar legislation, or you would just like to connect with your patient cheaper, faster, and more reliably, give us a call, and we can help get you setup.

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