At Wixcorp, our mission is to bring sensible, innovative, and compelling service offerings to the healthcare industry with a sense of integrity, style, and fun. We do that primarily through Redde, our Patient FInancial Experience Platform.

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Leadership Team

Eric Wixom
Dustin Wixom
Jeff Wixom
Greg Oliphant
Compliance Officer
Stacy Hale
Trent Olson
Sales & Operations

Our Story

Wixcorp was founded by three brothers: Dustin, Jeff, and Eric Wixom. Dustin is a programming genius, Jeff is an expert in consumer engagement, and Eric brings a wealth of healthcare leadership experience. Between the three of them, they realized they were uniquely positioned to help redefine how patients engage with their healthcare providers.


After months of research and preparation, our intrepid entrepreneurs met in Ocean City, NJ in the fall of 2015 to hammer out the details of what their company would be.

They named the company Wixcorp and decided to build digital solutions to make healthcare more accessible and engaging for patients.


Their initial software solution focused on the patient financial journey by making the billing process simple, intuitive, and fully accessible to a patient from their smart phone.

They called the software Redde, which is Latin for payment. The trio spent the year building, testing, and refining the platform.


Redde went live with Wixcorp’s first client in 2017. While the initial platform was supposed to just manage the patient’s billing process, it quickly started to expand in functionality.

The Wixcorp team also expanded this year, bringing on additional developers and sales professionals.


This was a foundational year for Wixcorp when we not only grew our client base, but also started to define our company culture. We started the year with the inaugural Wixcorp Annual Gala and Hootenanny! It was at this meeting that we established our Mission, Vision and Values.


With two solid years of user feedback, Redde was in need of a redesign, and this was the year to do it!

We took all that feedback and usability data, and completely redesigned Redde. With its new design, navigation, and vastly-expanded functionality; Redde was now a full patient-facing billing platform complete with features like text-to-pay and a robust reporting and analytics engine.


Great trials bring great opportunity. While 2020 was certainly a trying year for the world, it also brought additional opportunities for us to grow.

During the year we were excited to double the number of client partners. We also vastly expanded Redde from its humble beginnings as a patient billing platform, to a full patient-facing RCM solution with new services like a Cost Estimator, Clinical Screeners, and more.


The Redde platform expanded significantly this year, adding not only real-time insurance eligibility and patient scheduling, but an entire Patient Registration module. Now, within a single omnichannel platform, patients can self-service their entire financial journey from estimation and registration through final bill payment.


With the impacts of the pandemic subsiding, Wixcorp was able to nearly double the number of client partners using the Redde PFX platform. Also, in response to growing legislation around price transparency and surprise billing, Wixcorp pulled together multiple partners to expand their Cost Estimator and create a joint solution designed to empower patients and reduce complexity.

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