Integrated tools to create a custom digital patient financial experience.
Simple to access Intuitive to use Engaging to Interact with

The name is Latin for "payment," and it's fluent in the language of Patient Financial Experience.

We know you dream about the patient billing experience. So do we. But balancing the complexities of healthcare billing with the demands of today’s patients can be a daunting task. That’s why healthcare providers are partnering with Wixcorp to use Redde, our Patient Interaction Engine. Redde sits at the intersection of your Revenue Cycle and the Patient Experience.

Cloud based and built with a mobile-first design, Redde provides a full digital ecosystem that engages your patients early, and stays with them throughout their entire journey. While the experience is more immersive when deployed together, we understand you may not want everything all at once. And that’s why you can pick and choose the products you are most interested in.


REDDE helps patients navigate their journey through your financial experience from "how much will this cost?" to "I'm glad that's all done."

The patient journey starts well before they show up for their appointment. In today’s digital economy, your digital front door is critical for a cohesive patient experience. Tools like Price Estimators and Schedule Requests are often the patient’s first experience engaging with you. And everyone knows, first impressions matter!

Once the patient has decided to use your services, they want an easy and painless registration process. With our new Patient Registration platform, your patient access teams have a centralized command center to manage all your patient intake needs including insurance eligibility and verification and copay collection.

Our Registration process is directly integrated with our texting platform that sends automated appointment reminders and two-way texting. We can even link our Patient Forms with appointment reminders to create a contactless check-in process for your patients, complete with customizable consents and clinical screeners.

After the patient visit, the billing process starts. With claims tracking, reporting, and other AR analytics, your billing team will love new insights into this data. Then, when the balance is moved to the patient’s responsibility, the real magic begins.

Everything from text-to-pay and no-login payments, to family account management and self-serviced payment plans; our automated patient billing solution will help you collect faster than ever before.


There are many digital solutions on the market today for patient engagement. However, if you’ve used some of them as a patient, I’m sure you understand the difference between a functional solution and an engaging one.

Let’s look at the telecom industry. Sure you can make a phone call from a rotary phone to a smartphone, but you can’t take the conversation with you. Sure, you could even text from a flip phone… but would you really want to?

A truly engaging patient experience requires more than just a functional list of capabilities. Most patient portals tried that approach, and they often failed to get more than a small percentage of patients to use them.

Patients don’t care about functionality if its a painful experience. Instead, they want to engage with you from their smartphone and self-service their needs. That means you need solutions that are Simple to Access, Intuitive to Use, and Engaging to Interact With.

Simple to Access

The number one complaint from patients about online portals is that they are too hard and frustrating to use. Often, the process of linking their portal login with their patient data is extremely convoluted and requires calling you for help.

All the solutions within Redde were built with simple patient access in mind. Each solution has a secure, no-login component, and numerous automated features to assist with setting up accounts and accessing patient-specific data.

  1. Post-visit test/email invite
  2. No-login payment options
  3. Automated new-account invitations
  4. Easy self-service account setup
  5. Intuitive family account linking
  6. Family linking via responsive texting
  7. Cloud-based for omnichannel engagement
Intuitive to Use

Patients will always want to take the path of least resistance. That means if you want them using your online portal to self-service their needs – it will have to be easier than calling you and having you do it for them. That can be a hard to achieve, and would require a platform that is adaptable enough to sync up with your unique business processes and IT capabilities.

With our unique blend of intuitive navigation and high-customization abilities; we can create a digital patient experience unique to your exact needs.

  1. Mobile-first design
  2. User-friendly navigation
  3. Walleted pay methods
  4. Medical terms converted to friendly phrasing
  5. Responsive design custom fits all screen shapes and sizes
  6. Consolidated billing across multiple EMRs, facilities, and departments
Engaging to Interact With

Most people feel like paying a medical bill falls somewhere on the spectrum between annoying and insurmountable. One of our survey respondents even described it as “Drowning in a pile of poo.” To truly embrace consumerism and build a competitive advantage in the marketplace, healthcare organizations need to do better. Redde was built to help you overcome those challenges and provide a complete digital ecosystem where patients can easily self-service.

  1. Text-to-pay
  2. Two-way text messaging
  3. Automated payment plans
  4. Auto-pay for frequent users
  5. Automated notifications and reminders
  6. Real-time reporting and analytics
  7. Simplified process-flows
  8. Real-time insurance lookup
  9. Contactless check-in
  10. Digital patient forms
Omni-Channel Engagement

The same patient may first go to your website to lookup pricing from their phone, and later want to schedule an appointment from their computer. Or perhaps they call to speak with your billing team, and then text you a payment.

Redde provides a unified digital patient experience across all these channels, so they can enjoy the same great experience, regardless of how they interact with you.

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 Technology with a Human Touch

The average consumer interacts digitally with companies on a regular basis. But when it comes to healthcare, interacting digitally isn’t always an enjoyable experience.

The best digital platforms create meaningful consumer interactions, and a successful patient financial experience requires human authenticity across all your digital patient touchpoints.

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Dynamic Solutions

You know your patients better than anyone else, and you’ve built complex business processes and methodologies to work with them.

So why should you be forced to do things our way?

You shouldn’t! That’s why we work alongside you as a true partner to design a digital environment that enhances and improves your business processes.

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Patient Financial Experience

Every patient is unique, and their financial interactions with you should be tailored to meet their needs.

From personalized price estimation to custom payment options, REDDE helps create a premier financial experience for your patients.

Mobile-First Design

The entire REDDE ecosystem was built to be run entirely from a mobile device.

Your patients use their cell phones far more than their computers. And thanks to Redde, now you can engage them where they already are.

Everything about our software has been carefully designed to ensure the optimal digital patient experience, no matter what device they use.

Security & Compliance in the Digital Age

Engaging patients digitally requires a balance between Patient Experience, Security, and Compliance.

 Patient Experience  Security & Compliance

Our suite of patient-facing RCM solutions gathers the patient medical, financial, and personal data into one place. All of which are highly sought after by digital thieves.

That’s why we use everything from data segregation and encryption protocols, to payment tokenization and active-page security validation to keep your data secure and compliant.

All our solutions meet the most stringent standards recommend by industry groups and required by legislation like HIPAA, TCPA, ACA, PCI-DSS, and HITECH.

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