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An online portal for referring and rendering physicians to collaborate with their patients.
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Collaborate in Real-time with your Referring Providers

Tired of chasing down faxes, fielding calls requesting updates, tracking pre-auths, and generally managing the chaos that typically exists in the traditional referrals process?

Yeah, so were our client partners. That’s why they tasked us to build a custom platform that will facilitate collaboration between the referring provider, the patient, and the hospital. Complete with worklists, reporting, quick submissions, and real-time updates for all parties across the platform.

We’ll be updating this page throughout the year as we complete additional features. If you are interested in joining our cohort of testing-sites, contact us below for details.

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The first phone call happened in 1876 when Alexander Graham Bell called his assistant, Mr. Watson.

The first image transmitted via fax happened four years later in 1880 by Mr. Shelford Bidwell.

Over 140 years later, with only a little enhancement, those same two technologies drive nearly the entire US Healthcare’s patient referral process. Is it any wonder the process is slow, manual, and error-prone?

It’s not a Process,
it’s a Collaboration

Patient referrals has never been a simple workflow. Each referral requires a nuanced process to ensure the patient receives the right care at the right – all within the parameters that their insurance will cover.

That’s why we built Redde’s Referral Portal to bring all the stakeholders together into one collaborative environment. We’ve built custom tools and processes to support the Referring and rendering providers, all while keep the patient informed and engaged throughout the process.

  • Automated Text/Email Updates
  • Text/Email Conversations with Referral Team
  • No Account Creation Required
  • Referral Process integrated with Redde Self-Service Scheduling

  • No-Login Referral Option
  • Automated Referrals with Account Creation
  • Provider Specific Referral Processes
  • Real-time Insurance Eligibility and Verification
  • Robust Reporting and Referral Tracking

  • Automated Communications
  • Real-time Insurance Eligibility and Verification
  • Comprehensive Worklists and Referral Tracking
  • Real-time Referrals Dashboard
  • Robust Reporting and Analytics
  • Referrer Account Management Tools
Digital Referral Tracking

No more stacks of paperwork and complex filing systems.

No more handwritten tracking pages and layers of sticky notes.

No more hunting through someone’s desk on their day for looking for paperwork on a referral they were working.

Redde’s Referral Portal moves all these processes into the cloud where your entire team can digitally collaborate throughout the entire referral journey.

Real-time Insurance Data

Our Referral Portal has real-time insurance eligibility and verification built right into the referral submission workflow. Once validated, the insurance data is attached to the referral so that your referral team can access it throughout the rest of the referral process.

Having real-time validation will also cut down the amount of time your team spends chasing down insurance information, or correcting errors on the referral documentation.

More you should know about our platform
Reporting and Analytics

Gathering and reporting on referral data traditionally meant someone was spending a lot of time with Excel spreadsheets. However, with our Referral Portal you will be able to easily track metrics like submission time, time to complete, and total referrals by date, status, and assigned employee.

Using our real-time dashboard, you will be able to finally track and trend your entire referral process from one place.

Automated Updates

Answering phone calls from patients and referral partners just to give a status update on a referral can take up as much as half of the calls your referral team receives.

In our effort to reduce workloads and free up time for your team, we implement automated text and email updates to both patients and referring partners that automatically go out as the referral process hits major milestones.

Attract New Referral Partners

In today’s competitive landscape, attracting and retaining new referral partners can be time consuming and expensive. Offering your referral partners a real-time look into the referral process and providing them reporting and insights will help differentiate you from your competition.

To help keep your referral partners happy, we will help you streamline the referral process so that you can see more of their patients faster than ever before.

Bundle with Scheduling

Processing referrals is just one step in the patient’s care journey. The next step is scheduling the appointment.

The Redde Ecosystem includes patient self-serviced scheduling requests. Fully integrated with the Referral Portal and complete with appointment reminders; bundling Scheduling with Referrals provides a premier patient experience.

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FREE Patient Journey Mapping

Referrals management is a complex and highly custom process for every hospital. If you would like to map out all of critical elements involved and how they fit together, we’re happy to help.

Contact us to schedule a free Patient Journey Mapping session today.

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